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Extenze Power Shots Extends Surprising Results

My body is a temple. And a temple in the sense of the Corinthian’s temple to Venus, loaded with slaves, prostitutes and drugs.

The over-the-counter “male enhancement” pills caught my attention when they first started hitting the airwaves – not that I actually need something like that, of course – just idle wonderment if it worked or if it was another snake oil appealing to flaccid insecurities. Every time there was a Smiling Bob commercial, I always ask my girlfriend if I should get a few for fun, and she typically remains noncommittal. I can understand why: dealing with a relentless, prodding tree trunk doesn’t sound very appealing, for either one of us. Plus, ponying up the price for a possible failed experiment was never very tempting.

My girlfriend found a deal on Extenze shots the other day, made the compulsive buy more affordable, and brought home a two pack, with just enough of a wary glitter in her eye. Liquid “male enhancement,” huh? Can make me LARGER, huh? Cherry flavored, even. OK: I’m game, even though my skepticism was fully intact. When I drank one of them down, my girlfriend had the expression of boarding the world’s tallest roller coaster with rumored faulty brakes. I’d say the cherry taste was mostly to cover up the plant extract, vitamin overdose aftertaste, but it wasn’t as bad as some of the medicine taste of certain energy drinks I’ve quaffed.

I gave the ingredients a preliminary glance, and saw the three items on the label was niacin, zinc and a proprietary blend of stuff I barely looked at. I patted my girlfriend’s hand, and reassured her. “This stuff is mostly niacin and zinc, a little bit of caffeine. The energy drinks I slam down have the same ingredients. I wouldn’t be too worried.”

If it’s mostly niacin, how can they market it as ‘male enhancement?’”

Niacin dilates blood vessels. I’m sure that’s how they can say the sexual encounter is more intense. A huge shot of niacin makes your skin tingly.”

Yeah, well, amazing what details contained in the small print that I have half a glance to and mostly ignored.

I went about my evening. No driving urges, no spontaneous erections. No longing glances, beckoning bathtubs, Smiling Bobs and kitchens that transform into waterfalls. About an hour later, a strange tingle on my skin. Adjourn to the bedroom, fast-forward through the Penthouse Forum details, and let’s assess the action in retrospect.

I affirm, this was much more than just a tingly niacin rush. Herman the One-Eyed German certainly stood at attention more enthusiastically than usual. My skin was tingly and touch seemed to send the slightest of shivers through my whole body. When the “oh” moment arrived, it was more intense than usual. And still, for long minutes afterward, Herman remained at attention still wanting marching orders until my girlfriend dozed half-asleep. When I finally rolled over, Herman settled down, almost like hooding a falcon.

As it usually is with me, I tend to research the substances after I’ve already consumed them. And god is in the details. The proprietary blend of goodies contained two things I didn’t notice before. One was Yohimbine extract, another more ominous ingredient was called Horny Goat Weed. Further research showed Horny Goat Weed contains the chemical icariin, which acts like the active ingredient in Viagra. Yohimbine also has anecdotal evidence it blocks the process making a penis go from erect to limp.

Before readers call foul and point to the placebo effect, I will quantify myself by saying going into the experiment, I thought the only active ingredients were zinc and niacin, overlooking Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed. Only after researching the ingredients did I discover the aphrodisiacs. I also don’t want to give the impression the results were a Robin Williams stand-up routine on Viagra. There were no steaming locomotives plowing into mountain tunnels, no Fourth of July fireworks crescendos, no 1950′s movie scenes of pomade oiled men smoking cigarettes with dozy-eyed vixens. There was certainly a marked difference, but not on a Grand Canyon scale.

Yes, my girlfriend did report the advertised promises of making one larger were true. I doubt it was whole inches, perhaps to my girlfriend’s chagrin, but enough for her to notice a difference.

Also, one must be aware of the warnings associated with Extenze ingredients. Yohimbine, in large doses, causes rapid heart beat, high blood pressure and insomnia. Added with the dose of caffeine, I found it difficult to go to sleep and stay asleep afterward. My heart seemed fluttery afterward as well, a symptom beyond just the act of lovemaking. I’d be hard-pressed to recommend this stuff to people with heart problems or sleeping problems, but ultimately, I will recommend it. Amazing for a patent medicine with warnings on the label saying none of the claims are backed by the FDA, this stuff seems to incrementally work.


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